Bye 2017

I've been trying to think of something very profound to write for my last post of the year, but all I can come up with in my vacation-mode brain fog is: this was a good year. 

Not a great year, honestly, with all the political mayhem and national tragedies and environmental havoc. But personally, I'm grateful for the good things that happened, like:

There are even more moments that I'll probably remember right after I hit publish, but that's OK. It's good to remind myself that great things can still happen during a tough year. 

It was my one of my 2017 New Year's resolutions to blog once a week, and from my calculations, I only missed my goal once! Pretty damn good. As much as I enjoy this blog, and as much as I enjoy the challenge of creating new thoughts weekly, I'm not going to force myself to stick to a weekly schedule in 2018. I do still want to post "regularly," whatever that might mean, but I won't treat it like a weekly assignment. I'm hoping I can put my writing energies into more spaces next year and use this space for the times I truly feel inspired to share something personal. 

Thanks for reading, friends and strangers who are reading, and take some time to appreciate all your good things of 2017. Let's have a strong and joyful 2018!