I just had deviated septum surgery. AMA.

I finally got the deviated septum in my nose repaired yesterday, which is a procedure I've been putting off for a few years. It took me awhile to convince myself, but I decided that the eventual joy of being able to fully breathe through both nostrils seemed worth facing all my surgery fears and a few days of discomfort. I'm still waiting for the breathing joy part... hope it's coming.

Before I decided to book the surgery, I took an informal poll on Facebook and in real life asking if anyone had been through this and what I should know. I've heard everything from "you'll be able to smell colors" to "you might barf up blood" and many things in between. Neither has happened yet. The vast majority said it was worth it, though, so I took the leap. Maybe you're also on the fence? Well, it's been barely 24 hours for me, but here are some fun facts to know so far:

  • It was a very long day. I got to the hospital at 8:45am and wasn't discharged until about 3:15pm.  
  • I'm notorious for panicky-crying when I get out of anesthesia, so I told this to one of the nurses in advance, but then I surprised them by also panicky-crying in the operating room right when they started putting me under. Gotcha!
  • When I was in recovery, I told a nurse that my burps tasted like seaweed and that this was probably because I'd swallowed blood and it was because they both have iodine, right? He was not able to confirm, nor was he impressed by my scientific knowledge of iodine.
  • My throat hurts more than I thought it would, most likely from the tube they put in my throat to keep me breathing during surgery. Thanks, tube! Between that and a nose full of stuff, this recovery feels a lot like having a terrible cold. But since I can't blow my nose, I have a big piece of gauze taped over my nostrils like a nose diaper. Fashion!
  • So far I've watched three episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, one episode of Bob's Burgers, one episode of SNL, and one movie (Hard Eight). More mindless entertainment to follow.

Those are all the fun facts my groggy brain can think of right now, but feel free to ask me any questions you have, or send suggestions for more mindless entertainment. I'll review them between rotations of Netflix, People Magazine, and naps. Bye!