I recently took a Jung/Briggs Meyers personality test and was surprised to learn that I'm not as introverted as I claim to be. Now what excuse can I use to stay in all weekend?

I took this test (thanks Katie!), which I know isn't the real deal, authentic, intense test as administered by an MBTI Master Practitioner, but it seems to be a good free option (I can't justify shelling out $50 for a test right now). It took me about 10 minutes to complete and get this result:

Here's a link that leads to even more links if you want to really get into my psychology:

The first point was the one that surprised me the most: "You have marginal or no preference of Introversion over Extraversion."

Sure, I do enjoy being the center of attention and I'm very comfortable speaking to a crowd, but I never feel fully recharged until I've spent quality time at home, alone, not talking to anyone. I've taken to describing myself an an "extroverted introvert." Maybe that's not a thing?

I'm not going to take this one internet test result too seriously, but it's making me rethink things a bit. Like, maybe I should go out more and socialize to see if I "recharge?" This part definitely rings true:


You guys: I just want you to want me!

Anyone else feel like taking this test and reporting back your findings? Let's get into some deep self-analysis!