Fair weekend

Just a month after I boasted about posting here once a week, I forgot to do it last week. Ughhh. But still: nine months of sticking to a semi-ambitious New Year's resolution? Pretty damn good. Also, I was distracted because I was home in NH for the Deerfield Fair! Here are some highlights:

Hanging out with the prize pumpkin:


Right before the traditional (and now controversial!) pig scramble:


Lucas took this photo from the top of the swing of Pharoah's Fury, which is one of those giant swinging boat things (I screamed the whole time): 


Much calmer but directly in the sun before Tilt-A-Whirl (a classic): 


Lucas and his new muppet-chicken friend:


Me and my new cow friend:


View from the bucket seat of the ferris wheel:


And that was just one day! I also got to meet my new baby nephew Cody, hang out with my older (but still little) nephew Oliver, celebrate part two of my birthday, and take lots of naps. It was a wonderful, much-needed weekend out of the city.

OK, October! I'm ready for you now! Sort of!