Halloween makes me anxious

It's coming. The drugstores are stocked with orange candy, the movie theaters are full of slashers, and my brain is filled with the annual October anxiety: what will I be for Halloween?? 

The pressures of celebrating Halloween in New York City are second only to New Year's Eve. You gotta have the BEST outfit and find the BEST party and Instagram everything so your friends know you had the BEST TIME EVER. 

OR, you make the strong decision to stay home, ignore the masses shuffling around in uncomfortable outfits, and watch movies instead. That option is usually the harder one to take, but feels so good when you commit to it. Also because it involves eating as much candy as you want. 

I haven't decided which option I'll choose yet this Halloween, but I'm leaning towards the stay-at-home option. Last year I committed hard to being Wendy Torrance from The Shining (Shelley Duvall version, of course). It was a lot of fun and I'm pretty sure I nailed it, thank you very much. Especially when I made this very distressing face:


But! It was also an exhausting project. It took me about a month to get all the pieces together, including one particularly sweaty evening running around different sporting goods stores looking for an affordable wooden baseball bat (the solution was to get a child size one).

So this year, unless I can pull together something easy but effective (maybe dead Georgie from It?), I'm just going to wear some cat ears or face paint or something for the office party, then have a chill weekend full of scary movies and candy.

Do you have some easy costume ideas for me? Or just want to tell me about your best Halloween costume ever? I want to hear both.