Digital organization

Someday, I really need to organize all of my digital photos. That someday is probably not going to be in the near future, since now that I've moved (WOW!) I have roughly 500 boxes to unpack. But when that magical day comes, boy, do I have PLANS.

Here's the deal, in parts:

Part 1: I've been using Picasa on a Mac to organize my photos ever since I got a nice digital camera in 2010. I'd heard that iPhoto was annoying and Picasa was much cleaner and easier. I guess it is clean and easy, but I've never used anything else so I can't really judge.

There was a time when I called this "art"

There was a time when I called this "art"

Part 2: My Picasa was pretty organized for awhile, but then I got an iPhone. My volume of digital photos increased exponentially while my desire to neatly organize them by event/season/theme diminished in equal proportion. Thus, I've dumped every iPhone photo ever saved into a Picasa folder creatively named "iPhone." It currently has 1,890 photos. 

I know, right??

I know, right??

Part 3: Now Picasa hates me. Whenever I try to sync my phone with my computer Picasa's just like "Sure, yeah, I'll sync that for you right away." But it doesn't. It acts like it synced and its work is done here and it can go get a beer from the Google communal fridge now but then I see that no images uploaded and I'm like "HEY GET BACK HERE." But Picasa's already halfway through a beer like "BYEEEEE."

Oh hey, just realized this might be happening because Picasa is officially retired and Google isn't updating it anymore. Well.

So I guess it's time to start using iPhoto for storage and mild editing, but the whole migration process sounds overwhelming. Plus, if I'm gonna migrate I should really, truly, finally start some system of organization, and that's a whole other thing to figure out. Organize by year? Season? Major event? Food group? Because I do have A LOT of food pics. Especially of cupcakes and brunch. Maybe I should have a "Cupcakes and Brunch" folder.

Tell me, my dear readers (all seven of you): 

  • What digital photo system do you use for storage and editing?
  • How do you sort your photos, if at all?

I'd love to know. Leave a comment here or on Twitter or on Facebook or send me a telepathic message or something. In return, I give you this slideshow of cupcakes and brunch: