Moving and not-always-drunk snacks

Big news! I'm moving! From Astoria to... Astoria! I know, wild times. It's still exciting though because I'm moving to my very own apartment. That's right, a one-bedroom for only ME. OK, I'll let Lucas come over sometimes too.

I've been living in my current place for an epic seven years, but maybe even more epic is that I'm thirty-two years old and I've never lived alone. I'm feeling all the feels about it: nervous, excited, impatient, confident, gassy. Those are all normal feelings, right? 

I'm looking forward to a lot of my-very-own-apartment perks, but eating all my favorite weird snacks without anyone judging me is definitely in the top ten. Yes, we should all be allowed to eat whatever we want whenever we want, without fear of judgement, but weird snacks are a special thing. They're a little bit shameful, but mostly soothing. I know I'm not alone in this.  

I used to call my weird snacks "drunk snacks," but then I realized I don't always eat them when I'm drunk. A few of them were definitely first created when I was drunk, but some also came into being out of a very specific craving and/or out of desperation when I didn't want to venture outdoors. 


Here's a list of my top sometimes-drunk-but-mostly-just-weird snacks. Think of this as my debut e-cookbook:

  • Carrot sticks dipped into a mix of Veganaise and sriracha
  • Peanut butter melted with chocolate chips, then combined with dry oats
  • Little mugs of warm rice with coconut oil and salt (in fact, the “little mug” snack is a category unto itself — anything, when eaten from a little mug, counts as a snack)
  • Chocolate chips by themselves, but eaten from a shot glass for "rationing"
  • Dry, generic-brand Froot Loops with a side of red wine (this one was invented with Andrea, hence our blog title)
  • Tofurkey slices wrapped around gherkins (the bread & butter kind, not dill!)
  • Cereal dust (yes, those crumbles at the bottom of the cereal bag), either straight from the bottom of the bag or sometimes with little drops of almond milk to make it pasty
  • Plain cold pasta, eaten with my hands straight out of the Tupperware
  • Leftover frosting on strawberries or graham crackers or on a spoon

That's all I can think of right now, but maybe there will be a sequel to this once I create more in my very own kitchen. Share yours with me in the comments so I can start making a weird shopping list!