A Saturday YouTube hole

It's such beautiful weekend here in NYC! But you know what? We have a whole spring and summer ahead of us, so why rush outside and enjoy it now? Sit indoors and enjoy some YouTube videos while everyone else is drinking beers on a patio. Those dummies.

I've been keeping a list of videos I want to share here, but the thought of creating a unique post for each one stressed me out. Then I thought, "OH HEY, why don't I just throw a bunch of faves in one post?" So that's what I'm doing. I'm currently having this very idealistic thought that I could post these every weekend, like a Molly's-top-weekend-videos kinda thing, but let's not make any promises we can't keep, OK, Molly's brain?

Anyway, here are my top weekend videos! They are not new, they are not trending, but they are fun things that I'm really into at the moment:


Sifl and Olly "Lady for Gravy"

It seems like Sifl and Olly was hidden from YouTube for a long, long time. I remember once desperately searching through the depths of Google videos (ugh) trying to find "Lady for Gravy" because I couldn't find it anywhere else. Sometimes you just need that new wave fix, you know? But then I heard a rumor that Sifl, Olly, Precious Roy, Chester, and all their other sock pals were on YouTube and lo, it is true. This is where you start:


Don't Hug Me I'm Scared — Episode 3

I'm a little late to the game in discovering this great, darkly funny series, but the joy of discovery never ends. Like Sifl and Olly, this looks like an innocent kids show at first, but whooaaaah don't let kids watch it. Or, do, but be prepared for a conversation later. Episode 3 is my favorite so far, but you should definitely go back to the first episode after this.


Janeane Garafolo's HBO Half Hour, 1995

And now, a video with a real, live person! I found this gem after getting sucked into Vulture's 100 Jokes list a couple weeks ago. I love how she was one of the first comics to brazenly bring a notebook onstage, not giving a shit what the audience might think. I saw her at the Bell House last year and she still had a notebook onstage with her. She was also wearing a pullover hoodie not pulled over her head, like just the sleeves on and the rest hanging off her back, which I fully expect to become a cool trend for comics city-wide in the next five years.


That's all I got! Maybe this will happen again next week! Or maybe not. It's OK. 

Enjoy the sweet indoors!