A Saturday YouTube hole #2

Remember when I told you I wanted to do this again some time, but didn't want to get your hopes up for it to be an every-single-Saturday kind of thing? Well, glad I said that because it's been nearly two months since the last YouTube hole

I feel like I should be watching Beyoncé's Lemonade, since I'm now HBO-less and missed it last weekend. There's probably a way to watch it somewhere else now, but... how? Do I have to pay for Tidal? Has somebody illegally uploaded it all to YouTube yet? Ugghhhh. I'm just lazy enough to not try to figure it out right now. In the meantime, I'll keep associating "Lemonade" with this old but highly danceable Danity Kane track. DRANK. 

Here are the culturally irrelevant things I've been watching instead:

The Royal Family at World of Dance 2015

So maybe you've seen this video for this little song called "Sorry" by a young Canadian gentleman named Justin? I bet you have. My eyes usually are on automatic roll when I hear the word "Bieber," but fine, I give in. This song is catchy. Oh, and you've also thrown in a video full of excellent dancers? OK, one hundred percent sold, America/Canada. 

This song wouldn't stand out as much if it weren't for the video (at least for me and my dance-obsessed brain), so naturally I had to find out everything about these dancers. They're from the ReQuest & The Royal Family dance crews out of The Palace Dance Studio in New Zealand and whoa, if you really want a YouTube hole, just check out their page of videos. I found it when I was at work and almost immediately had to close the tab because I realized I couldn't just casually watch them while working. Nope, they command your full attention. This video is my fave so far, featuring The Royal Family at a dance competition last year. Yes, it's ten minutes long, but it's so worth it.

Broadway Boys sing "The Schuyler Sisters"

Perhaps you've also heard of a lil' show called Hamilton? I got to see it when it was still at the Public (shhhh, don't tell everyone, it's a controversial topic) and "The Schuyler Sisters" was one of my fave numbers. Did I think I would enjoy it as much when three tween boys sang it? Nope. 

Turns out I was very wrong. These three little dudes KILLED IT at the recent MCC Miscast gala, where actors get to perform a song from a role they'd never be cast in (usually the opposite gender). The boy playing Angelica totally has his dramatic Broadway face nailed. Although he's currently in Les Misérables, so I shouldn't be surprised. Does this mean that we'll be seeing abridged versions of Hamilton at local junior high schools soon? I can think of at least one major plot line they'd need to cut....

Groundhog eating a banana

I don't have a good reason for this one, except that Lucas and I are obsessed with videos of cute animals eating normal-human foods. Listen to those adorable mouth noises! Even the vet appreciates them.

Hope you're all having a great weekend! Maybe I'll go start a Tidal trial now. Maybe.