Keep August Chill

I've been having a busy summer, and I'd say that's why I haven't posted in awhile, but really it's half-busyness, half-laziness. I'm also putting a lot of blame on the summer's Mars and Mercury retrogrades. Astrology is convenient like that. Anyway, here's some stuff I've been doing!

Went to a very sweaty wedding in Hudson, NY:


Went to BBQ Films' "Garthapalooza" Wayne's World party and really got into the costume part of it:


Visited my brother and sister-in-law in Ithaca, NY and soaked up the lovely views:


Then went to the Watkins Glen Farm Sanctuary with more beautiful views and beautiful animals:


Hung out with Lucas's family in Houston and went on his dad's boat (hahaaa, love that this is a selfie and his brother is taking a selfie right behind us — it's the future!):


Performed at Mortified again — same material as last year, but an even better crowd, which was heartwarming: 


I've also done some other great things that I don't have photos of, including a very special edition of Gems at StoryFest, joining the July lineup of Yum's the Word, and many epic hangouts in our yard (still can't believe we have a yard!). 

OH and a bonus thing: I recorded an episode of Love Hurts, a podcast produced by my pal and fellow storyteller Bryan Berlin, and it just came out this past week. Give it a listen! And really, subscribe and give all the episodes a listen because it's a great show:


This month, my motto is "Keep August Chill," so I'm really trying to stick to it. I've been saying no to some gatherings and shows, not stressing so much about the writing that "has" to be done, and most days *gasp* coming straight home after work. Sometimes I feel restless, but mostly it feels great. Plus, I know that with September comes the surge of of "back to school" productivity (and the urge to buy school supplies I don't need), so I figure I'll just ride that wave when I come to it. 

Hope you're all having a great summer too! Stay chill.