Summer reading list

By now you know that my tastes in media lean towards the dark and weird, so you'll understand why I'm excited to share this list from The Strategist: it's all about CULTS. Check it out:

The Best Books on Cults, for These Cult-Obsessed Times

I figure today's a good day to share it, since it's the official start of summer and now's the time to build your summer reading list if you haven't already. Join me in choosing a book or podcast that scares away everyone else at the beach! (JK, I live in New York City, where the beaches are too hard to get to and/or too gross. I'll be reading/listening on the subway.)

There's a lot on this list I've never heard of, and some books that even sound a little too dark for me (yikes, Not Without My Sister), but I have read/listened to these:

Manson: The Life and Times of Charles - I like how in-depth this gets, and how Jeff Guinn considers the perfectly-timed cultural storm that helped make Manson seem acceptable to so many people.

The Girls - Even though it's fiction, it borrows heavily from facts about the Manson family and drops you right into the mind of a neglected and impressionable teenager. Bonus: short chapters for easy subway reading.

Heaven's Gate - Excellent podcast that dissects the Heaven's Gate followers as real people who believed they found salvation instead of just crazy people with matching Nikes. 

Have you read/watched/listened to anything else from that list that you recommend I read? Tell me all about it!

Happy summer, fellow weirdos!