Dance out your feelings

It's been a terrible week, and while I encourage activism and staying informed, I also encourage taking moments to pause and remember the happy things that exist in the world. So let's watch Janet Jackson dance in a warehouse:

I was just introduced to this video yesterday (thanks to this awesome list — see #17) and I'm ashamed that it took me this long to find it. I consider myself a Janet video connoisseur, but I've always gravitated towards her bigger hits and felt pretty neutral about "Pleasure Principle" as a song.

I still think Janet has better songs, but this video is great for its simplicity, her style, and these amazing dance moves. I like that it's just her — no backup dancers to distract us (and no random dudes in trench coats). She's confidently killing it on her own.

And I like the idea that she came to this random warehouse just to dance it out and leave. I want a warehouse for that! I also want her whole look in this video, but I doubt I could pull it off... or dance in it. (But maybe I need bangs again??)

Stay strong, friends, and take some time this weekend to dance it out.