Nasty man

I'm glad 2016 was the year feminists across America got to remind everyone that "nasty" isn't always a bad thing and sparked the internet to launch a bunch of Hillary/Janet memes. I'm not going to talk politics right now, because this will get depressing, so instead I'm going to use this as an excuse to segue into something I've been wanting to talk about for a very long time: 

What's up with this guy in Janet Jackson's "Nasty" video??

Props to Danit for this gif!

Props to Danit for this gif!

To fully understand my query, please take three minutes and fifty-four seconds to watch the whole video. Please pay particular attention to the moments right after the 3:30 mark, when this dude appears. Let's call him Uncle Jeff, because he looks like a Jeff and like he could be someone's uncle. 

It's weird, right? I would guess the average age of all the other dancers here is 22, and they're all equipped for dancing in their spandex, tank tops, and flexible denim.

But then Uncle Jeff shows up almost at the end to shout "nasty boys!" a couple times, give us some aggressive shoulder moves, and then he disappears. He's clearly not dressed for dancing and clearly not 22. (Although, I suppose there's a chance he is in his twenties and has just had a lot of life experiences for a young guy?)

What did that casting breakdown look like?

MAN, WHITE, 40s. An undercover cop who wasn't invited to Janet's street/garage dance party, but can't help feeling the nasty groove with his pals from the shadowy sidewalk. Own trenchcoat a plus. 

While I like this theory, I like conspiracy theories better, and I like to think that this guy wasn't cast at all, but just happened to end up in the video.

Like, maybe he is someone's Uncle Jeff who just happened to be on set that day, chillin' in the corner eating a slice of pizza. Then Janet saw him and was like "You! With the swagger! Put on this trench coat and show me what you got!" And he did.

Or maybe he was a cameraman who was Janet's biggest fan and had been waiting for this day when he could shoot a Janet Jackson video. He even had a short dance routine he'd choreographed as a tribute to her awesomeness. When they got on set, he said "Miss Jackson, I think I've got what you need for this video." And he did his routine. And Janet was confused, but polite. She said, "Jeff, you've got a lot of potential, and I respect your efforts. Maybe you'd like to put on this trench coat and hat and yell 'Nasty boys' later?" And he did.

OR maybe he's the video director and he was like "Should I pull an Alfred Hitchcock and cameo in this?" And some PA was like "Sure, boss." And he did. 

I could keep going with these theories. Please tell me yours. Then maybe we can talk about this guy: