I've been keeping a list in my phone of potential karaoke songs. You know, just to be ready whenever a karaoke opportunity presents itself. Also because when karaoke opportunities do present themselves, I'm usually overwhelmed by the giant book of options. 

Then I thought: what if I made a Spotify playlist of all of my picks so I have my sing-a-long songs ready to sing along to even when I'm not karaoke-ing? This way I can can kill it when a karaoke opportunity presents itself.

And THEN I thought: what if I shared my playlist with everyone who reads this so they can also practice along with me and we can ALL kill it when the karaoke opportunity presents itself? Yes, in my dream world everyone reading this just happens to be in the same place at the same time and that place is one of those big karaoke rooms with wireless microphones and room for dancing. Dreams! Or I guess you can also just listen and enjoy the playlist for what it is: a weird and wonderful collection of tunes. 

So here are my karaoke picks! I may add to it as I think of more, so follow it! And start practicing, because I'll at least need someone to help me with "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" (I get to be Elton.)