We have a show!

Breaking news! I'm co-hosting a storytelling show with the wonderful Sharon Spell at QED in Astoria this Wednesday!

Art by Sharon Spell

Art by Sharon Spell

OK, it's not really breaking news, because we already had a show in April, but it's the first I've mentioned it here so it's "breaking" on this blog. Exciting!

We've had a weird schedule because we had that April show, then had to take a break in May, and now we have a June show, but we're hoping it'll be a monthly event. Each show features two guest storytellers (this month we have superstars Kambri Crews and Paul Oddo) and then we squish in as many five-minute mic spots as we can. Come tell a story! Or listen to a story! Or both! The possibilities are endless. (Actually, it's probably just those three possibilities, but I'm bad at math.)

I know I'm posting on sorta short notice, but you're not doing anything on Wednesday, right? Great! The more people we get, the more shows we can keep doing, and the more I get to enjoy the sound of my own voice through a microphone.

Gems: A Storytelling Show and Mic
Wednesday, June 22, 7:30pm

QED Astoria
27-16 23rd Avenue
Astoria, NY 11105

You're great!