Partying like it's 1993

Lucas is away this weekend, which means I'm alone in my apartment being gleefully anti-social. I feel like I should spend this time having a stereotypically girly weekend—I guess, hanging out with lady friends and drinking wine and getting pedicures? But then I thought... I could also just stay mostly-indoors and watch a shit ton of X-Files

I didn't grow up with the Fox channel (in fact, we only got about four channels in my house growing up, but that's for a whole 'nother blog post), so I only got to watch the The X-Files when I was at friends' houses who shared my love of the supernatural and David Duchovny's gaze. So I decided recently to watch it all from the beginning.

I've been watching The X-Files on Hulu now for nearly a year and I'm only in the middle of season three. That's embarrassingly slow, even considering that each season has 22 or so episodes. But I don't have a lot of downtime during the week and since Lucas doesn't want to watch it with me on the weekend, it's become an occasional indulgence.

Want to take a ride in the way-back machine? Check out Mulder and Scully's first meeting in the very first episode, which aired September 10, 1993:

Look at their baby faces! How barely-red Gillian Anderson's hair was! Mulder's weird old-fashioned glasses! The already-blossoming romantic tensions! Actually, maybe the weirdest thing is how bright it is in Mulder's office—after this episode it's like he only has one tiny desk lamp in the whole room. I guess for the first one the director really wanted us to see all of Mulder's alien posters and supernatural paraphernalia. And their baby faces.

I've got seven more seasons to go if we include the new one that came out early this year, which I guess I'll probably watch even though I hear it was terrible. Some of the episodes are silly, but some still hold up, especially when they're focused more on government conspiracy than actual monsters or aliens (with the exception of Eugene Tooms, who still gives me some solid chills). I'm sure this will change once I get to "Home" because, yes, I know what I'm in for with that one.

Has anyone else obsessively gone through every episode like I'm doing? Or did you watch them all when they aired? Have you watched the new season? Do you prefer baby-faced Scully or new, pointy-faced Scully? Sorry for all the questions; I'm over-caffeinated. But really, please leave a comment about anything and everything X-Files so we can nerd out together.

PS: Just in case anyone's worried that I'm too stuck in the 90s, I'm also planning to start Stranger Things soon. Then I can also be stuck in the 80s-via-now.