Well done, Bob

Let me get right to the point: I recently went on a deep dive into the majestic cover art of Bob Seger albums and I need to share some with you.

I can’t say I’m a Bob Seger connoisseur by any means, but I do listen to music all day at work, including many mixes created by Spotify’s robots. One time “Night Moves” snuck in and as I was jamming to it, I peeked at the album cover and laughed out loud.

I mean, look at this look:

(via  Wikipedia )

(via Wikipedia)

He’s looking down on all the listeners like “Yeah, I wrote some badass dad rock. I dare you to fight me before I turn into a werewolf.”

This led me on a Google search for more Seger swagger where I joyfully discovered Stranger In Town, aka “Oh hey, it’s just me Bob, casually looming over a city like a giant with Pantene hair.”

via  Wikipedia

And when I thought he couldn’t top those two I discovered Beautiful Loser, which just screams “I want to tell your fortune then take you ballroom dancing with my vampire friends:”

via  Amazon

via Amazon

Those are the best gems I’ve come across, but please let me know if I’m missing any others.

BONUS: Did you know that the “Night Moves” official video wasn’t made until 1994 and features Matt LeBlanc?? Now you do.