Bowie, May, 1979

Thanks to the excellent blog Pushing Ahead of the Dame, which digs into David Bowie's music one song at a time, I came across this playlist. Bowie apparently DJed a bunch of his favorite songs on a BBC radio show on May 20th, 1979. So of course I had to recreate it on Spotify:  

It's an eclectic mix. Almost everything is in this playlist, except the Little Richard song, which is technically on Spotify, but is unavailable (why even tease me, Spotify?). I did find it on YouTube if you want to complete the experience. 

Check out the original transcript of his set here, complete with his feelings about different songs and artists and his fears of the NYC subway. You might also want to read the post that led me to this, about Bowie's cover of Bruce Springsteen's "It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City."

Let's party (or chill) like it's 1979!