Things I watched

I'm having a kind of grumpy Saturday and I just want to stay indoors watching things on my laptop screen that doubles as a TV. Maybe you're in that mood too? Great, let me give you some movie picks! Lucas and I have been on a documentary kick lately, which is nice because I can be lazy and also feel like I'm learning things. Here are three that we saw recently and enjoyed:

Stop Making Sense - This is the classic Talking Heads concert film that I should have seen a long time ago. After Jonathan Demme died in April, I realized I'd never seen anything he directed. I know, I knooowwww. I could have started with Silence of the Lambs or Phildelphia, but nope, I went with this, and I have no regrets. And now I want cools sweatshirt turtlenecks and skirts like his backup singers. (And yes, this does feature David Byrne's classic big suit.)

Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press - We watched this on whim, wanting to know more about the trial between Hulk Hogan and Gawker that led to Gawker shutting down. It was one of those movies where we kept pausing it and saying, "wait, what??" It's an interesting peek into the world of law, celebrity, clickbait, Silicon Valley, and so many other things. The craziest thing I learned: Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea keeps Terry separate from Hulk, at least for law purposes. Sounds sane on the surface, but sounds crazy when he says it's perfectly OK for Hulk Hogan to brag about making a sex tape, but Terry Bollea is very angry about the media leaking his sex tape. Wow. 

S is for Stanley - Another one that we picked from Netflix on a whim and learned a lot. It's an expanded interview with Emilio D'Alessandro, who started as Stanley Kubrick's driver in 1970 and slowly morphed into his personal assistant. The best part is seeing all the personal notes from Kubrick to D'Alessandro, which he's saved in his garage all these years. Beyond the minute details of transportation and location scouting, Kubrick was very concerned about getting his pets fed, getting the zippers on his jackets fixed, and getting the best cold cuts from the deli. The film moves a little slow, but if you're already sitting on the couch on a Saturday, staring at a screen, why are you in any rush?

Welp, back to sulking around my apartment. Let me know if there's another really cool documentary I should watch so I don't have an excuse to go outside.

(OK fiiiiiine, maybe I'll just go outside anyway.)