Gems! Again! Tonight!

Holy shit it's May! 

I guess deep down I knew that, but it didn't truly hit me until now. Wow. I hope I can slowly savor the lovely spring and summer days ahead so they don't fly away. 

One great way to savor a moment? Tell a story! (Sweet segue*, right?) My swell co-host Sharon Spell and I are back at Halyard's tonight, sharing some sparkling stories along with our special guests, Marie Faustin and Anita Flores, and maybe even YOU. It could happen! Put your name in the jewelry box (AKA: a high-quality plastic box from The Container Store) for your chance to tell a five-minute tale. No theme!

Gems: A Storytelling Show and Mic
406 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

*Side note: one time at work I actually typed the word "segway" into a group chat instead of "segue." It was pre-coffee, but come on — I am paid to write things correctly. At least it was a good excuse to share this .gif in embarrassment:

Which, ok yeah, he's not really on a Segway, but that was the first .gif that came up when I searched Giphy for "segway" and Steve's expression is priceless. So we all win. 

OK bye! See you Tuesday!