While I generally like writing non-fiction (and, specifically, selfishly, I like writing about myself), I'm trying to flex my writing muscles. In pursuit of this, I recently dusted off this journal that I bought during another ambitious writing phase sometime in 2012:

It's a journal filled with writing prompts, both fiction and non-fiction. Some are full pages, while others are half or even quarter pages. I like this less-intimidating approach to exploring a random topic. I might not be able to write a multi-page short story about it, but three paragraphs on a fictional day in my life as an astronaut? Sure! 

I took it out last night to try my luck at another prompt. It was fine (I ended up with a very short tale on how a man's quest to start an Argentinian beef farm got him sent to jail... uh huh), but in true Molly fashion, I got distracted by reading everything I'd written five years earlier. I love to pat myself on the back for completed projects, but I convince myself that writing is impossible whenever I'm starting a new one.

I had only filled about 10 pages in 2012, so there wasn't a lot of finished stuff to revel in (and it means I probably have about 615 things to still write about). But then I found a gem: predictions for the year 2017!

Just in case you can't read my horrible handwriting (my mom lovingly says I have the handwriting of a second-grade boy... she is correct), I'll translate.

The prompt is:

Write Facebook status updates for the year 2017

My 2012 answers, with today's annotations:

- Steven just tried to eat an entire pillowcase again. I may need a dog whisperer. [Proof that my dream of owning a dog named Steven has been around for a long time.]

- Almost finished with draft two of Quantum Leap: The Musical! Now who wants a producer credit? I will pay you with cookies and hugs (as usual). [Love that I could imagine future me as smart enough to write a musical, but not rich enough to pay my collaborators.]

- This new Starbucks Inhalable Coffee Mist actually works much better than I would have expected. [Get on this, Starbucks!]

- Now that AIDS is pretty much cured, can we work on eradicating garlic breath? [Ooof, so hopeful, yet so naive. Would still like a cure for garlic breath though.]

Well, I may not have a dog or a musical or coffee mist, but it's only March, so maybe there's still hope for all of this. 

Anyone want to give me some Facebook statuses for 2022? I'll put it in this here time capsule (the internet) and we can come back and laugh and/or rejoice in five years!