Bowie the turkey

Check out my turkey! His name is BOWIE and the best part is, no one is eating him for Thanksgiving! Yay! I mean, how could you, with a smile like this?

I adopted Bowie.jpg

OK, who knows if he's even smiling, but he is colorful and probably has a great time running around his farm.

I haven't eaten turkey in about 15 years, so for most of those years I've been sponsoring one through Farm Sanctuary. Even though I'm not officially adopting the turkey (I believe it works more like an earmarked donation), Farm Sanctuary still sends an adoption certificate with fun facts. For example, one of Bowie's favorite pastimes is "strutting his stuff." Of course it is!

This post isn't sponsored by Farm Sanctuary — I truly just wanted to share my love for them and the fun I get out of "adopting" a turkey every year. I don't want to preach to the meat-eaters either, but if you're eating a turkey tomorrow, give thanks for its sacrifice, and don't forget to eat some delicious vegetables, too.

As for me, I'll be trying out Trader Joe's perfectly-named Turkey-less Stuffed Roast tomorrow and thinking about Bowie. And probably listening to Bowie (the other Bowie).

Happy Thanksgiving!!