The unofficial Home Alone drinking game

It's almost Christmas, which means I should have already watched Home Alone multiple times since Thanksgiving. But alas—I am only just now getting a chance to cozy up with Kevin, Marv, Harry, Uncle Frank, and Mitch Murphy. And since it's the holidays and I'm on vacation, there is wine involved. So why not combine these powers and create a Home Alone drinking game? 

DISCLAIMER (mainly for my parents, if they're reading this—thanks for your loving support, Mom and Dad!): I don't condone drinking as a sport and don't want anyone to poison their liver to a dangerous point this Christmas. This is for funsies. If you're really committing to this, I recommend padding your stomach with festive cookies, Kraft dinner, and a lovely cheese pizza, just for you. Go easy on the Pepsi/wine/beer/spiked eggnog!

Drink any time:

  • Kevin screams
  • Kevin speaks directly to the camera
  • Harry flashes his gold tooth
  • Gus Polinski says "polka" (be careful)
  • Someone knocks over the statue in the driveway
  • Harry or Marv fall down
  • Uncle Frank is a dick (use your discretion)

Finish your glass when:

  • The McCallisters all run together
  • Two people who have learned something share a loving embrace.
  • The pizza guy says "Well, you have to pay for your pizza, sir." (OK, this only happens once, but it's a beautiful moment, so seize it.)

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!