A mix

OK, just one more Bowie-related thing and then I promise I'll shut up about him for awhile.

In re-listening to almost every Bowie album on Spotify, I naturally couldn't help making a mix of new-and-old faves. There's no particular ranking and they're all out of order in terms of release dates, but very much in order in terms of my obsessive mix-making process. Also, rather than making a five-hour-long mix, I tried to focus less on big hits and more on the ones that sneak up on you in the middle of albums. There's no "Space Oddity" or "Let's Dance" here. (But there's also no Tin Machine... sorry?)

I've had too much coffee and now I'm overthinking how else to describe this mix so I'll stop. Please enjoy:


Also, if you made a Bowie mix or have a favorite track or video or anything else Bowie-related I might enjoy, please link it in the comments! You're the best.