Heartbreaks and Builds

Oh hey, remember how I sometimes get up on stage and perform things? Well, I'm doing that tomorrow! Wow!

I don't know if it actually counts as "performing," since I'll be reading from a piece of paper, but it will be me, live in person, telling a true story about that feeling called LOVE. Do you believe in it?? Whether you do or not, you should come on down to:

Heartbreaks and Builds: An Evening of Creative Non-Fiction


Because I'm sure there will be stories for both the lovers and the haters.

Here's the info from Facebook:

Can you hardly wait to read the new "Modern Love" column every Thursday morning? Do you spend Friday nights watching engagement videos on YouTube by yourself? Do you read and re-read letters exchanged in Jane Austen novels? Did you become a wedding officiant because you love love so much? Am I only asking questions that I know apply to myself right now? Definitely.

Heartbreaks and Builds is a creative non-fiction reading, featuring stories authored by essayists, memorists, novelists, and poets about love that perhaps "broke" or "built" a heart. Join us for a surely enchanted eve this Saturday, featuring the fine works of:

Molly Cameron (This Recording, Flavorwire, and The Moth podcast)
Kate Stein
Anna Suzuki (Deadbeat, CollegeHumor, The SoulGlo Project)
and more.

5:30 doors
6:00pm show

There will be cookies.

Let me re-emphasize that last point: There will be cookies. To eat while you cry. Or laugh. Hopefully both!

See you there!

Heartbreaks and Builds

The Unicorn
105 Henry St.
New York, NY 10002