With a bit of a mind flip...

I recently found out that my boyfriend, Lucas, has never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show. At first I was shocked, but it makes sense because he was a cool kid in high school and I was a music nerd. While he was busy being class president and high-fiving everyone, I was busy learning madrigal harmonies and the Time Warp.

I got really into Rocky Horror because I wanted to embrace every subculture of weirdos like me, although I wasn't nearly as oversexed as everyone in Frankenstein Place and I didn't even own a corset. But my friends and I would still loudly sing along with the CD in our cars and on Halloween we'd watch the midnight airing on MTV, the one that used to have the callbacks in captions. (Or maybe it was VH1? Crap, the 90s were so long ago.) Add to all this the fact that I was cast in a stage production of The Rocky Horror Show in my freshman year of college and you can probably understand why this cult classic is so dear to me.

And you can also understand why I'm SO SAD I missed this last Friday:

'Rocky Horror' at Lincoln Center, With Headphones

It was an outdoor screening! And everyone listened to it through headphones, so as not to disturb the surroundings and to make it look really weird! AND they even had people yelling all the callbacks through headphones too! 

via NYTimes

via NYTimes

Man, I really need to stay on top of things. But in the meantime I'm at least going to make Lucas watch the movie and do the Time Warp.