A very good weekend

I spent Friday-Sunday on a quick New England road trip with Lucas to visit my parents, my sister and her husband and their new baby boy, and then my best friend and her boyfriend. So much driving! Mostly by Lucas! He's the best. Here are the photographic highlights:

The new baby chicks at my parents house:

I helped name them all. That blond one being squished in the corner is Debbie.

Playing in the woods:

Slowly convincing baby Oliver to stop crying and love us:

I think I confused him/bored him instead:

Feasting with Andrea and Joe, who I didn't take a picture of because I'm a horrible friend:

Lucas continues to be eighteen times more photogenic than I am.

This also happened:

The cause was rosé this time, not red wine and fruit hoops (although we'll never be above that).

Bonus adorable dog at our AirBNB:

He's so sad because he knows we're going to leave him in twenty minutes. Just like all the others.

Not pictured: all the driving. Some of it was fun, but most of it was exhausting. Lucas was a champ. 

Also, three days was far too short a time to do all that. I need to make this trip again, but spend like three days in each place. DREAMS.